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The price for a dog washing facility depends on the equipment of the facility. We will be happy to send you this price when you enquire via the contact form.

Based on experience, the investment in a dog washing system pays for itself after approx. two to five years – including the costs for water, electricity and shampoo. This depends on the location and the number of dog washes.

You have the choice between direct purchase and leasing. In the case of direct purchase, you pay 50% of the purchase price when you place the order and 50% of the purchase price when you take delivery of the dog wash at your premises. With leasing, a bank takes over the purchase price for you and you pay the bank in convenient monthly leasing installments. For more information or a quotation, please send us an enquiry using the contact form.

No, you only have to make sure that the necessary connections are available on site. We need a ¾” water connection, a 400V/16A socket and a waste water connection like a standard washing machine. We take care of the transport, the installation and the professional connection on your premises. By signing the acceptance report, you confirm that everything has been done properly. For more information, please visit the Technical Data page.

The following things must be observed when using the dog washing system:

• Regularly changing the shampoo container – every 7 to 10 months
• Regular cleaning of the filter in the tub, if present – as required
• Emptying the safe regularly – once a day to once a week

When used outdoors in winter, the dog washing cabin remains in continuous operation. It is important that electricity is provided so that all heating systems are working properly.

The dog wash cabin has the width: 2120mm, height: 2250mm, depth including ramp: 2180mm. So you will need 2.8m x 2.5m of space to comfortably use the dog wash. For more information, please visit the technical data page.

The delivery time is 4-6 weeks from the final clarification of all technical details and down payment after conclusion of the purchase contract.

The warranty for business customers is a maximum of 1 year from the signing of the acceptance protocol or commissioning by the customer.

We require a ¾” (three-quarter inch) water connection, a 400V CEE socket IP 67 with 32A fuse protection and a waste water connection as for a commercial washing machine. For more information, visit the Technical Specifications page.

Yes, the DARADO dog washing system can be set up outside. The 3-fold frost protection function ensures smooth operation in winter.

The DARADO dog wash centres are protected against vandalism. The coin box is designed as a separate safe with a separate key, firmly and theft-proof connected to the control cabinet. The control buttons on the control panel are of vandal-proof design. The sensor LED lamp is theft-proof and splash-proof according to IP64.

In the dog wash system, the cold water is heated in a flow heater. When the shower is activated, the warm water flows towards the shower. When you select the care programme, e.g. “Shampoo”, the warm water also flows through the dosing pump where dog shampoo is added. When the programme button “Hair dryer” is selected, the special dog hair dryer is switched on and the dog can be dried via the hair dryer hose.

There are 7 steps to operating the wash cubicle:

  1. Enter the tub and secure the dog.
    Lead your dog over the ramp into the tub. Attach your dog to the existing leash built into the tub. This will keep your own leash dry during the wash.
  2. Inserting coins / cashless payment
    Insert the number of coins indicated on the control panel. Depending on the application, the dog washes are operated with coins or tokens. Pay conveniently by credit card or mobile pay.
  3. Starting the programmes
    After the minimum amount has been inserted, each of the programmes can be started. It is recommended to start with the programme “Free tub cleaning” to freshen up the tub.
  4. Washing the dog
    Rinse your dog with warm water as usual. Then press the “Shampoo” button to shampoo your dog. The shampoo mixture is added to the running water. The ingredients of our shampoo products are indicated on the control panel directly on the dog wash unit.
  5. Rinsing the shampoo
    Rinse your dog with clean water after the shampoo wash. You can set this by pressing the “Rinse” button on the control panel.
  6. Drying the dog
    Select the “Hair dryer” button and dry your dog as usual with the hair dryer hose. The programme ends automatically as soon as the time display is empty.
  7. Put on your own leash
    After drying, put on your own dog leash again and lead the dog out of the dog washing system via the ramp. For more information, read the Operation page.

In principle, all dogs can be washed in the DARADO dog washing centres. The dog washing centre has a load capacity of 160kg.

Yes, the coin acceptor used can be programmed for coins of different currencies as well as for different tokens. For more information, please contact us by e-mail or via the contact form page.

There are several possibilities. On the one hand, the operator can take care of the service himself or he can entrust the company DARADO with the service of his dog washing facility. It depends on you what is more convenient for you.

If, contrary to expectations, something should break, please report the damage to us in writing, including pictures, and we will take care of the rest. You will find our contact details on the Contact page.

The tub contains an integrated intermediate floor on which the dog stands during washing. Underneath is the bottom of the tub, where the drain is located. The automatic cleaning system cleans the tub and switches on automatically at the operator’s desired times.

To change the shampoo, the necessary container is replaced in the control cabinet. It must be ensured that all care programmes are switched off during this time. When removing the empty container and inserting the full container, the hose of the dosing pump is simply inserted into the new container.

The control cabinet of the dog wash cubicle can only be opened with a key. The safe inside is vandal-proof and can only be opened with a special key.

To protect against corrosion, we use 100% stainless steel. This is additionally coated with powder. This means that we can ensure that water and weather conditions cannot harm the dog wash.